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Oatmeal Sheepskin Sole Slipper for 12-18 months

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Size: 5, 6T Fits: 12-18 months

Materials: leather, sheepskin and
wool and acrylic blend yarn

These hand-made baby booties are luxury from top to bottom. The ultra soft sheepskin soles give you a durable base. Wear them as indoor shoes, cottage slippers or when babywearing. The soft wool blend yarn will keep your little one warm and cozy, which comes in an array of beautiful colors and designs.


~ The soles are made of genuine brown sheepskin, the ultimate in coziness and warmth.
~ The drawstrings can be adjusted to ensure the booties stay put on your little one's feet or choose a cordstop option.
~ When your little one is at the early months of the age/size range, the booties will fit like a cozy slipper with room to grow. As their feet increase in size, the booties will start to fit like a sock and will get more snug with time/growth.
~ These slippers are made to be worn barefoot. Initially they will fit tight like socks, but after a few hours wear, they will stretch to your foot.

They are washable.

All materials are Canadian.