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NO NEW DATES SET Practical Pandemic Plein Air Painting Single Workshop

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A series of three monthly workshops (nine classes) designed to improve your ability to paint outdoors suitable for novice and intermediate artists in any medium. Understand basic principles and practical ways to interpret landscape scenery to create quickly in your personal style. Develop foundational skills to elevate your individual artistic ability. Instructor Ingrid Vija Brooks demonstrates in watercolour how to practically apply this knowledge in various plein air settings at the Newton Street Art Barn. Registrants to bring their preferred medium supplies to practice these techniques alongside the instructor. Additional class handouts emailed 48 hours in advance ONLY to pre-registrants. Class limited to 15 participants. Masking mandatory when within 2 meters of social distancing from others. Cost: $40/one class only, $100/one month workshop only (3 classes your choice), or $250 for all three monthly workshops (9 classes + Bonus) with one BONUS Class that includes 15 minutes one-on-one time with instructor. Contact Art Barn for Pre-registration, received on a first-come/space availability basis. Morning Classes are 3 hours from 9:30 am – 12:30 pm with two choices of day preference being offered: WEDNESDAYS: JULY 14, 21, 28 AUGUST 4, 11, 18 SEPT 8, 15, 22 BONUS CLASS August 25 SATURDAYS: JULY 10, 17, 24 AUGUST 7, 14, 21 SEPT 11, 18, 25 BONUS CLASS August 28 Contact for Pre-Registration: (705) 534-7062 [email protected] Plein Air Venue Location: Newton Street Art Barn, 2406 Newton Street, Victoria Harbour, ON L0K 2A0 (Hwy 12, turn south (right) next street heading east past William Street, Victoria Harbour) WORKSHOP TOPICS 1. Equipping for Plein Air… What to Bring! DEMO: Types of Brushes/brush strokes & grips for landscape applications 2. Scene Assessment, Compositional Armatures & Scaling DEMO: Sight-to-Size Scaling 3. Thumbnail Sketching, Tonal Values, Simplifying Shapes DEMO: Creating four different Moods using the 4 basic tonal value system AUGUST 4. Colour Theory and Mixing Colours for Landscape Applications DEMO: Best colours to use for painting foliage, rocks, water, sky 5. Painting Techniques: Scrubbing, Lifting, Scraping, Scoring, Splattering, Dabbing, Dragging DEMO: How to use the above techniques in creating various landscape elements 6. Creating Cast, Form and Reflective Shadows and calculating shadow lengths DEMO: How to do shadows given different light sources. BONUS CLASS: What Judges are Looking For. Bring one artwork for personal constructive commentary with instructor SEPTEMBER 7. Perspective: One Point DEMO: How to place objects/humans correctly on ground plane 8. Perspective: Two Point DEMO: How to place angled buildings correctly on ground plane 9. Perspective: Three Point and Multi Point DEMO: How to see things from Bird’s Eye View and from Ant’s Perspective, Uphill and Downhill INSTRUCTOR: Ingrid Vija Brooks is an international award winning plein air watercolourist. A former GTA Chapter Chair (2013) for the Ontario Plein Air Society, she is the local resident artist for the Martyrs’ Shine since 2016 as well as Past President for the prestigious Art Guild of the Purple Isles (Upper Florida Keys). She has a BA Honours Degree in Art History from Carleton University, Ottawa, and has been a mentoring art workshop instructor since 2013. Email: [email protected] Rev: 3/07/2