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Anne Armour

I am a self taught potter of five years, working in a low fire white clay body. My work is wheel thrown and at times altered before being fired in an electric kiln. My focus is always on the form and its relationship with its viewers eye. I strive to create aesthetically  pleasing objects that are influenced by my training in dance, furniture design and interior design. I live on Georgian Bay with my husband where we spend our summers sailing and hiking. 
-Anne Armour
Victoria Harbour, ON

Carol Hartwell

I am a local potter who lives on the Southern edge of Georgian Bay, in the community of Port McNicoll. I enjoy making functional pottery such as bowls and mugs that people use in their homes every day.  I decorate my pottery pieces with colourful underglazes. The inspiration for my decoration comes from the natural beauty in the world around me. I hope to bring joy into your life with every piece of pottery that I make.

Donna & Phil Bernardo

We currently reside in Tiny and enjoy the outdoors and nature very much.  I have a passion for driftwood.  It speaks to me like no other artistic material.  It's just amazing at what can be found on the beaches of our beautiful Ontario lakes. Driftwood, rocks, shells and beach glass all find their way into our creations.   I am the designer and my loving husband is the manual labour.  

Ingrid Vija Brooks

Ingrid is a self-taught watercolourist specializing in local area landscapes in miniature format, often accentuating her pieces with ink or pencil. She has won numerous awards in “plein air” both in Canada and the USA and has been selling professionally since 2002. She was a former GTA Chapter Chair for the Ontario Plein Air Society and has been the invited resident artist for The Martyrs’ Shrine since 2016 where her artwork has been acquired by pilgrims from all around the world.  She is proud to be represented locally at the Newton Street Art Barn.

Nuala Beatty

Originally from Dublin, Ireland, I am a long-time York Region & Muskoka resident currently living in Aurora in the winter and Port Severn in the summer, where I design & make my jewellery creations. I'm always interested in learning and making something new, so I make an eclectic selection of jewellery. This has worked out well as it accommodates many tastes and appeals to many different groups of people! Be Unique - express Yourself - be You! When I began making jewellery, I was a full-time working mother, i.e., very busy and did not have excess resources to spend on expensive jewellery. I wasn't even that interested in fine precious jewellery so much as being able to have fun, funky pieces that I could match to my outfits or those multi-functional pieces that could go with everything. Dress them up, dress them down. I didn't necessarily want to have pieces exactly like everyone else either. I wanted my jewellery to say 'Look! Isn't this fun? Isn't this mysterious? Isn't this meaningful? Doesn't this remind you of the sea?' I want jewellery to show the delight you feel in wearing it. I want you to feel good about yourself in doing so. -Nuala Beatty - Reflections Handcrafted Jewellery

Pauline Pezzack

After a busy teaching career of 32 years, Pauline pursued watercolour painting with a variety of talented instructors at the Haliburton School for the Arts and The Beach Art Center in Indian Rocks, Florida. She has worked as an instructor for the Brampton Senior Centre teaching watercolour yupo paintings, zentangles, watercolour, acrylic and encaustic painting. Pauline lives locally and she is so pleased to be able to showcase her work at the Newton Street Art Barn.

Sylvia Bumstead

Sylvia Bumstead is a lifelong resident of Tay Township; a naturalist who acquired her knowledge and love of nature from her father, Nelson. Largely self taught, Sylvia finds her inspiration and her comfort in the birds, animals, flowers, and trees of rural Ontario. Working primarily with watercolour and acrylics, Sylvia's art captures the natural beauty and tranquility that so many of us overlook in our urban-centered lives.

Trish McLaughlin

I’m Trish McLaughlin, an Anishinaabe jewelry artist with a passion for chainmaille and a Nature Photographer from Minesing, Ontario, who now calls Toronto home. When I first arrived in Toronto, I managed a couple jewelry stores, and after some personal setbacks, I eventually turned that knowledge and passion into a small business - Miikana.  I combine my culture with chainmaille to make unique Jewelry and Home Decor pieces. I started beading in 2021 and am looking forward to sharing these creations with you as well. The name Miikana (pronounced Me-Kan-a) translates to a road or a trail in Ojibwe. I chose this name because we all take many different paths in life, and I want to create items that will make people happy on theirs! Thank You very much ~ Chi-Miigwetch   

Sue Emily

Sometimes people ask me where I find my inspiration.  Although I do not have a definitive answer, much encouragement springs from the enjoyment of my surroundings. I live in Georgian Bay Township, on Go Home Lake. I take the beautiful scenery that surrounds me, then include my own colourful interpretation. I have been told that I have developed my own style, perhaps that could be, since I am self-taught. I have a great passion for painting. I hope that you enjoy my paintings as much as I enjoy painting them.

Best regards,

Sue Emily

Acrylic Artist