Featured Artist- January 2017

Miche Kaufmann

​When Miche Kaufmann was introduced to the fine art of painting some twenty years ago, she discovered a talent and an undying passion for brushes and canvas. From her early experience with oils to her recent paintings in acrylics, she has developed a distinctive approach, which can be best described as a blend of bright and vivid colours in harmony with strong contrasting shadows and hues. Miche continues to find inspiration for her skilled interpretations of people, wildlife and landscapes from years of travelling the world. Miche Kaufmann was born in Quebec, but has lived in Toronto for most of her adult life. Today Miche and her husband Dieter live in Victoria Harbour, Ontario. When she is not in her studio, you can find her on the golf course, the other passion in her life. Miche and her husband spend the winter months in their home in
Los Cabos, Mexico.