Please be considerate when printing your forms and use both sides of the paper, the drop off form can be printed on the reverse side of the contract and should you require more than one please use the back as well.

Thank you in advance, 

Mother Nature

It’s been a year since we threw caution to the wind and put out the call to artisans to help us launch the Newton Street Art Barn. It has been an amazing year, we’ve met so many great artisans and all our visitors have given us such positive feedback!

We are so appreciative of our Artisans and how they have supported us. Our goal for this year is to build on our success and add some new features that will hopefully encourage more people to visit our location.

​Our property houses a century old barn, with a storefront and workshop on the lower level. In addition to showcasing your creations in the Art Barn we will also place inventory items here on our website and also on our Facebook Page.

If customers are interested in purchasing items displayed on our site, we will facilitate the sale of the items. At this time, this service will be included in your consignment fee.

​Consignment Option #1 Membership-
​As a member we ask for a yearly membership fee of $25 to assist with the cost involved in displaying & caring for your art, promoting you as an artist, photographing your creations for our website and Facebook page as well as inclusion in our artisan group on Facebook. Fee can be paid in advance or can be deducted from your sales. The consignment rate for annual members is 25%.

​Consignment Option #2-Consignment Only. We will display and promote your art for a minimum of 3 months and the consignment fee is 35%.

We're looking forward to hearing from you! 

Consignment Opportunities